CSAV Customer Information

Dear Customer,

As previously informed, in 2011 our company began a successful implementation of a restructuring plan aimed at improving our operational efficiency and enhancing our commercial capabilities.

We have strengthened our own fleet of vessels and adapted our services to meet market demands, allowing us to provide you with improved service alternatives.

Aligned with this process, CSAV has decided to reorganize its structure by separating each of its business units; this means that all activities related to the containerized cargo business will be integrated under one subsidiary company to operate the container liner services. As part of this reorganization, the operations of our CSAV liner services will be transferred to two carriers of the CSAV Group. The majority will fall under Norasia Container Lines Ltd. (NCLL), with the balance going to and the services operating under the Chilean flag, i.e. Andino and Conosur under CSAV Austral SpA (SUAU), today Empresa de Transporte Sudamericana Austral Ltda. Because this is just an internal reorganization for administrative enhancements, both carriers (NCLL & SUAU) will trade under the CSAV name and logo, and use current B/L Terms and Conditions of Norasia Container Lines Ltd. (NCLL).

It is important to mention that Libra Brazil (CLIB) and Libra Uruguay (CPLB) will continue to operate in the same way as today.

We are taking the necessary steps to ensure a seamless transition with minimal inconvenience to you, permitting us to continue providing you with the level of service you have come to expect. Our global commercial network is available to receive your inquiries and address any concerns related to this process.

Therefore we would like you to know that:

  • Norasia Container Lines Ltd. (NCLL) and Empresa de Transporte Sudamericana Austral Ltda. (SUAU), are authorized to operate our container line services in the markets we serve today.
  • Our local business remains the same through our current commercial network.
  • Norasia Container Lines’ B/L terms and conditions are consistent with market practices, without any significant changes to CSAV’s B/L terms and conditions
  • Your local sales representative will contact you if your contract needs to be amended.
  • Required set up for e-commerce shipping portals has been executed to read both carriers codes; ie NCLL & SUAU.
  • We will start phasing in this new structure effective July 1st of this year, i.e. vessels which voyages start on that date, will be offered under the above mentioned carriers.
  • The details of the vessels that will begin to operate under the new structure in each service are available through our commercial network.
  • We continue receiving bookings for CHIW until June 15th; as from date onwards our systems will not allow further bookings for CHIW and they shall be done under NCLL and SUAU. If you have already booked cargo with us for any vessels starting their voyages as from July 1st, your local commercial agent will contact you to confirm a booking modification moving from CHIW to NCLL and/or SUAU.
  • Full information for payment purposes is available through our commercial network. Should you have concerns or require further information about this reorganization process, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative.

Sincerely, CSAV
June 2nd, 2014